May 072012

Hi All Area 11 WES Members and the Blackford Glen Gang

The Western Equestrian Society have upgraded their Rules concerning the wearing of safety helmets while riding during any WES event. The WES Rule book will be amended accordingly in due course.

The following is a brief statement on behalf of WES Council by Judy Jones, WES Council Secretary.

Everyone riding at a WES Activity must wear an approved hard hat. However,
competitors at a WES approved show can continue to wear a Stetson in both
competition and warm up areas subject to providing the Society with a signed
disclaimer which is to be handed to the Show Secretary on arrival at the show ground,
or submitted with their entry.

The hard hats which are currently acceptable are:

PAS 015:1998 – these have now been superseded by PAS 015:2011 but we will still
accept the 1998 standard as helmets are valid for 5 years. The European standard
compliant hats are marked with the standard of BS EN 1384 and the American
standard is ASTM/SEI this covers the Troxel helmets most members use.

(Most manufacturers recommend replacement of helmets after a period of 5 years, or
whenever the helmet takes a hard blow. When buying a new helmet it makes sense to
check the date especially if buying on line or from an auction site as some helmets
may well be old stock.)

We would also like to reinforce that if, during a WES Clinic, Instructors are going to ride
clients’ horses then they should wear a hard hat whilst mounted. We would expect
them to lead by example – also if they were injured we could be held responsible by
their insurers for not enforcing our own requirements.

Would you all please ensure that your County Reps (where you have them) are also
aware of the current Policy and it’s practical implications.