Dec 172012

Hi All,

I have created a Forum section on this website.

There are currently Four Forums:

Forum 1  I hope will be used for day to day ‘chit chat’ among the Glen Gang members and friends.

Forum 2  I hope will be where members and friends can exchange their training and learning tips and experiences, discuss horse health issues and the like.

Forum 3  My hope is that Western horse people from around the world will tell us what is happening in their part of the world. We  have Western horse friends in USA, Sweden, Canada, Brazil, Germany, New Zealand, Australia,  Southern Ireland and a few other places. We would like to hear from them, would we not?

To participate, all you have to do is log in. Please read the instructions on the page which opens when the Forum tile on the Home page is clicked.  You will be sent, by email, a password and assigned an avatar. That will get you recognised and you become a participant in the Forums.

When you have chosen a Forum you can either add a posting to someone’s topic or post a topic of your own.

I expect that  this process will create a complete shambles  at first but, as the bravest people explore the possibilities,  we will all learn from their example.

Remember, Glen Gang, that this Forum is open for the whole world to see and respond to, so keep up our reputation for being fun loving, good people who love their horses and the Western way of going.

If you see anyone posting snivelling, divisive or vitriolic claptrap please ask them politely to stop, again and again if necessary, but don’t encourage them by entering into a dialogue with them.  As Mark Rashid once said,  ‘Don’t try to change another man’s opinion. It is a waste of your time. After all an opinion is only an opinion.’  However, if their opinion is expressed in a vitriolic or objectionable way,  it is best that it is heard, noted and then ignored.

Have fun and I look forward to interesting and exciting dialogue.