Rosie Wylie


image_rosieBorn & bred in Edinburgh, Rosie first rode as soon as she was old enough and quickly established a childhood dream to become a cowgirl, so she left for Australia at 18 and spent 5 years working in their beef industry. During this time she chased cattle and buffalo, trapped and backed brumbies, drank beer and rum and developed a love for rodeos and barrel racing…she is very pleased to see the recent boom in Ranch Horse show classes.

Feeling like a small ice cube starting to melt and missing Scotland, she returned home and walked in off the street to Blackford Glen….John offered her Appaloosa gelding Ikeysha Pooka (aka Pooks) a home and Rosie became one of the founding members of the Riding Club. Rosie has held several roles over the years and is currently the Club’s Social Convener and a regular western show team member, acting as the scribe.

Pooks eventually went to live with Mags in Dundee and Rosie introduced a Quarter Horse filly, Celebrity Juice to the Glen. Life being busy for a 30 year old, Rosie made the hard decision to leave the Glen and move to Burnside, Edinburgh’s second home of western riding, and more importantly for Rosie, full livery. Life was sadly cut short for Celebrity Juice and Rosie’s pride and joy is now Snake River Colonel, a cheeky chestnut Quarter Horse gelding who in the words of Rosie’s Dad ‘looks like a horse John Wayne would ride’.