Olivia Lochhead


Livvy has ridden since she was about one and a half when she first sat on John’s Shetland pony Megan. From then on she loved horses and nothing has changed that. She participated in all of the usual riding activities that children do in this country but at 11 years of age she became determined that the Western way of training and riding horses had to be better than those she had experienced until then. She focused her attention on Blackford Glen and the “Western Way of Going”. She was taught Western riding on Gucci, an American Quarter Horse.

She has competed on Gucci at local “English” shows, riding and dressing as a Western rider. The Judges sometimes did not know how to deal with this but were seriously impressed by her Western control and performance. You Western riders might understand how the Handy Pony Class is a given and generally quite unfair on the other competitors.

During the 3 years she has been riding Western she has brought on and helped train CB Hollywood Red Gold, a 4 year old Quarter Horse gelding. Red, the “love of her life”, returned in late November 2011 from 12 weeks training with Michael at Bob Mayhew’s place.  Olivia is enjoying his new level of responsiveness and looks forward to competing with him at Western Shows.

When Olivia is not at school or at Blackford Glen she can be found playing hockey for her Club CALA or street/break dancing for her dance school. She also likes to hang out with her friends and family but loves nothing more than cuddling up in the stable with her “little boy” Red whatever the weather.

Blackford Glen is like a second home to Olivia and she is there during every bit of spare time she has. If she did not have to attend school she would be there all the time. Whether she is riding, mucking out, feeding the horses, or just being in the stable with Red, she is in heaven, a world of her own where all her worries and problems just disappear. As long as she is with her Red she could not be happier.