Kim Collier


Kim Collier started riding when she was 5 and got her first pony Sparky at 8.  She mainly did English style riding until she got her second horse Cass, who was a welsh cob cross american quarter horse.   At a clinic in Aberdeenshire she tried Western for the first time and was hooked.  Kim couldn’t believe how responsive even her mare could be with the lightest of aids.  Since then she decided she wanted a youngster to bring on herself.  Kim saw Levi at 2 weeks old and he came home at 5 months old.  She backed and brought him on herself and has now been competing semi successfully for the last few years.   Her aims are to continue to compete locally and hopefully nationally.  Outside the horses she works full time as a veterinary nurse, in a vet practice in Edinburgh, has a dog called Bonny, 2 cats and a husband!