Message from the Founder


Hi there Web Visitors,

I am John W. Fyfe, former Western Equestrian Society Area 11 Representative and founder of the Blackford Glen Western Riders Club.

Some time ago I decided that there were three essential elements I needed in my life to make old age bearable. Those were, the trust and companionship of horses, the company of women and the fellowship of friends.

When the opportunity came along to form the Club I saw that there could be no better way to achieve those late life ambitions.

I am fortunate to have Blackford Glen as my playground and I just love sharing it with people who appreciate its uniqueness.

I realise that increasing numbers of people interested in Western riding are homing in on Blackford Glen as a place where they can spend time, be listened to, get advice, help and tuition tailored to their own needs and circumstances. They want to move from where they are in Western riding to where they would like to be. Most just want to be better riders but some have a decided ambition to compete in the show ring.

Progressive learning and consistent practice will make any rider better. To that, add a little fellowship, just a dash of competitiveness and a lot of laughs and I believe we would have a recipe for a successful Club.

I will continue to do everything I can to make your Blackford Glen experiences good ones.
As for me, I quote Katherine Graham (one time proprietor of the Washington Post) “To love what you do and feel that it matters – how could anything be more fun.”

Best regards


P.S. Membership of this Club is not an alternative or substitute for membership of the Western Equestrian Society or AQHA.  One of the aims of the Club is to further the interests of those organisations in Scotland.