Club Instructors


j-g-nov-2015Resident Instructor,  John W. Fyfe

Member of the Western Equestrian Society (UK).

Member of the American Quarter Horse Association (USA)

Member of American Quarter Horse Association (UK)


John is a Freelance Western Riding Instructor approved by the Western Equestrian Society.

John offers tuition and advice to Western riders, non-Western riders, people new to riding. His students will require to ride their own horses.   Anyone with an interest in horses will be made welcome by him at his home and yard at Blackford Glen, Edinburgh.

John’s brand states that he is  ‘training people to train horses’.  He believes that a person must learn and understand a physical language in order to communicate with their horse and, if the horse require it, teach that language to the horse. For this to work the language must be non ambiguous and must be used consistently.

Western horses that have been ‘sent away’ for training to reputable Western trainers should know much of that language. Those horse trainers are aware that  riders need equally intense and structured training in order to communicate adequately with trained horses. This training is not generally offered to riders. This may be because it is often easier to train a horse than a person.

John’s normal teaching method is to demonstrate cueing and riding techniques from the saddle while the Student rides their own horse. 

Most of his teaching is done at Blackford Glen but he will travel with his horses to teach in the Borders, Fife, Lothian, Tayside and the Central regions of Scotland.
John has developed a Structured Foundation Course in Western Riding. He offers this to those wishing to develop their riding skills over a period of time and to realise their potential, whatever that might be, as Western riders.
However riders need not commit to such a course. Individual tuition sessions appropriate to a student’s requirements can be accommodated. Group instruction, introductions to Western riding, guidance on safe Trail Riding, training of the Western Horse or just an educated eye on the ground, can be arranged.
From experience John has become aware that not everyone is ready or able to come to the yard and “get riding lessons”. Many people need to be introduced, or re-introduced, to the equine world in a more gradual and understanding way. They have a desire to learn more about horses and become comfortable and confident around them. To those people John offers individual or group sessions on “Speaking with Horses” That is, how to behave around horses, how to listen to them, how to understand them, how to form partnerships with them and how to benefit physically and emotionally from that experience.

You can contact John by using the Blackford Glen Website Contact Form.

Visiting Instructors

Bob Mayhew
Bob is based  in Hampshire. He is invited to Blackford Glen to give Clinics and Seminars throughout the year. He enjoys his visits and is very supportive of the efforts made by the Glen Gang and WES members to promote Western riding and good horsemanship.
Possibly, Bob Mayhew needs no introduction but he is getting it again anyway. Riding Western and training horses for some 30 years. Bob, along with Roger Wells, founded The Western Equestrian Society. Bob is also a founding member of British Reining and has competed for Britain on many occasions including the World Equestrian Games at Jerez. A Judges’ card holder for the NRHA, AQHA and the APHA, he is one of the most experienced European judges. His teaching clinics are almost legendary not only in the UK but throughout Europe. After 25 years of successful showing, he retired from competition. Though reining is his first love, he has many AQHA all-around titles to his name, having qualified numerous horses for the AQHA world show in trail, pleasure and Western Riding as well as reining.

He is very supportive of the activities we host at Blackford Glen and really enjoys the fellowship of  members and visitor who meet here.

Other Instructors, experienced Western riders and Equine Practitioners.
The members of the Glen Gang are always keen to learn from those with experience, knowledge and expertise in all equine related fields. Those can include experts in Other Equine Disciplines, Veterinary Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Farriers, Saddle Fitters, Dentists etc. and are invited to pass on their knowledge as the need or opportunity arises.