Nov 172012

Hi All.

Kim Briggs here,

I decided after our AGM on Saturday that we need to start promoting western riding, so Fiona and I decided to hold a western trail ‘have a go’ at our livery yard on the Sunday.  I made up a small trail pattern with a gate, box, L back through, side pass and back through cones, all simple trail obstacles.   I asked a few people if they fancied coming and having a go and seeing what Fiona and I do on a daily basis.  To my amazement there were 8 horses and riders came round to the school.  These ranged from happy hackers and new horses to riders to very good dressage horses (up toelementary/medium level) from my horse that is a pure breed quarter horse to Molly a clydesdale.  They all warmed up and then I gave a brief description about trail riding and then showed then around the course on Levi.  Then it was their turn.  I helped them though the obstacles and explained how to negotiate the various obstacles.  The gate proved the hardest, but many of them walked through the open gate.  The whole idea of the event was for them to experience what we do, in a calm environment and not to get in a panic.  All the horses and riders fully enjoyed themselves.  A lot of people at the yard now have a slightly better understanding at what Fiona and I do, which I think makes the day a complete success!